Awaken to the Wild is passionate about helping individuals and organisations reach their natural peak potential through a combination of time in the wilderness, participatory processes of Dialogue and dynamic action. We run and host wild programs in beautiful natural inspiring locations that support your transformation. Our Guides and Facilitators are expert leaders in their own fields and will support and nurture you in your chosen program that will reconnect you to nature and all around you

The aims of the programs are to create safe spaces for reflection and meaningful conversations in pristine natural locations. You’ll learn principles and practices for deeper listening, participatory leadership, whole decision-making,  and building trustworthy relationships. You’ll find renewed clarity and the fearlessness and courage to act and lead with integrity on what matters most to you and your worthy cause.

Our programs teach the art of interacting with the world in a way that is conscious, intentional, and skilfully creative. Our outdoor locations enable nature to support your transformational learning experience and reimagine a different way of being in the world.