Awaken to the Wild is about supporting leadership that naturally emerges out of a deep knowing and understanding of our truest selves. We are passionate about supporting leaders with the skills to transform  workplace cultures through  the implementation of well designed conversational frameworks and practices. We believe that with the right practical skills, radical self enquiry and shared experiences we can be an authentic transformative leader who supports emotionally intelligent and resilience workplaces.

So why is dialogue or conversation so powerful? Conversation, more than any other form of human interaction, is the place where we learn, exchange ideas, offer resources and create innovation. As we all well know, not every conversation works like this, though.

At Awaken to the Wild we teach organisations and leaders a conversation design framework enabling groups to mindfully transition through different modes of conversation appropriate for the outcomes desired  and be the organisation you really want to work in.  We host our programs in Nature which provides the most powerful platform to begin the first stage of transformation. In the Wilderness, we cannot control the immediate environment around us which means we have to let go into a space of “not knowing” and open up our senses to what is going on around us which naturally opens new  perspectives. The first stage of our radical self enquiry process for leadings with wisdom.

With solid frameworks and skilful practice, we can actually design our conversations around the type of company and harvests we want to produce.  We believe and work from the vision that our work should be the expression of our natural gifts intersecting with the needs of the world. This is the purest realisation of human potential.