Discover your ability to lead a more authentic, creative and resilient life. Awaken to the Wild will help you find the courage and self-authority to bring your true self into all your relationships and life’s work.

Our retreats and programs are facilitated by some of the country’s leading Educators and Leaders in the fields of Dialogue facilitation, Participatory Leadership, Creative Learning and Nature Based Learning.

Our programs all create safe spaces for reflection and meaningful conversations in pristine Wilderness locations where you learn to trust your own wisdom and align your inner life with your outer work in the world. You’ll learn principles and practices for deeper listening, participatory leadership, wholehearted decision-making, exploring your vocation, and building trustworthy relationships. You’ll find renewed clarity and the fearlessness and courage to act and lead with integrity on what matters most to you and your worthy cause.

Our wilderness locations enable nature to support your transformational learning experience and reimagine a different way of being in the world.