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The Four Stages of Personal Evolution- Becoming Worldview Aware

Wisdom could be considered as the ability to think beyond our…
21/02/2018/by Philip Jackson

Participatory Leadership is simply Quantum Science in action

The science of Quantum physics proved what our indigenous ancestors…
04/12/2017/by Philip Jackson

View life from Outside of your Cave

The Seven stages of the Dialogue and critical thinking for a…
27/11/2017/by Philip Jackson

Freedom from the Known

There is a common theme that emerges from all of the great philosophers…
17/11/2017/by Philip Jackson

Story and Deep Dialogue have always connected us to something greater

Deep Dialogue and the practice of sharing Story is possibly the…
23/10/2017/by Philip Jackson

How to expand your views by changing how you converse

How to expand your views by changing how you converse

17/10/2017/by Philip Jackson

Empathy is a verb

One of the most important outcomes from the practice of Dialogue…
23/06/2017/by Philip Jackson

Cultural change through Mindful Conversations

Renowned systems thinker and organisational expert Margaret Wheatley[1]…
21/06/2017/by Philip Jackson

Dialogue and Spirituality

Dialogue and Spirituality in the work place
"A master in the…
01/02/2017/by Philip Jackson

The Art of Dialogue

The Art of Dialogue is a response to a world that is becoming…
12/12/2016/by Philip Jackson

The Art of Dialogue – Awakening Awareness

Over the next few blogs I will be discussing skills and practices…
05/12/2016/by Philip Jackson

The importance of mindful conversations

The knowledge of early philosophers ranged far and wide, covering…
15/10/2015/by Philip Jackson

Cultivating new ways of being

Cultivating new ways of being through "living thinking".

09/09/2015/by Philip Jackson