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Walking Meetings for expansive thinking and creative solutions

When we are walking together in nature we create links that we can not imagine. Walking Meetings are about collaborating creatively in a natural environment.  Our meetings combine walking and skilfully facilitated Dialogue to harvest our ideas for our return to the office. We host half day or full days Walking Meetings depending upon your needs.

Our Walking Meetings break down the hierarchical barrier between executives and subordinates and new relationship are formed. The side-by-side dynamic causes a more peer-to-peer relationship between the two people.  The Walking Meeting opens space for more sincere and authentic conversation and brings a free-flow of ideas and solutions.

Our  Walking Meetings naturally  re-orientate the team when feeling stuck or stagnated at work. Often after continually sitting our creative flow stagnates, the rhythm of thoughts flat-lines and our minds just go blank. We dream of being anywhere but sitting in the office. These are unproductive times that can be dramatically shifted with the simple act of walking and talking together with purpose.  Give your team the space to step away from the office and re-sync – to let the festering thoughts be replaced by new, creative integrative thinking.

A new study by Stanford researchers has clearly proven what we have intuitively known that creative thinking improves when we go for a walk.  From the neurochemical perspective walking signals a chemical release in the brain that then triggers a boost in creative thinking. The Stamford research concludes that this leads to is a greater recall once the participant stopped walking, with the average increase in creative output around 60 percent .

So, let the natural world do what it has always done- inspire re-energize and refresh. When move into a relationship beyond the confines of the office creative thoughts and will naturally find you. Your host Philip Jackson has been facilitating teams in natural spaces for over 15 years and continues to be inspired by the transformation that emerges from such practices

For more information on our Walking Meetings please call Philip Jackson on 0416023867

Facilitators: Philip Jackson