Program Content

Following ancient spiritual traditions that value the transformative power of nature, this retreat will involve being mindful in the in the natural wild beauty of the Blue Mountains.  Whether it is during sunset meditations, listening to the soothing sounds of the river, or sitting graced in the stillness of the wilderness, we will open to the profound serenity and wisdom of nature.

A remarkable immersive 3-day self leadership pilgrimage into the Blue Mountains Wilderness  along the famous Six Foot Track that will rekindle the fire inside with resolve, clarity and immense creativity.

Wild Nature Quest is a response to our increasingly disconnected and complex lives. One of the great challenges of modern life is staying true to your sense of self – your passions, your wisdom, innate enthusiasm, spiritual fire and love. The Wild Awareness program offers a chance to rekindle the soul with courage and fearless resolution from a place of stillness and silence.

Why a Wilderness Location

The wilderness offers the space for us to experience our self as part of the “primordial gestalt”.  A place to reflect learn and embrace a different knowing without our usual influences around us.  Being part of that wild pattern changes our sense of self. Previously frozen self-constructs can start to thaw, and the possibility of transformation and greater authenticity naturally arises. It is here that we can experience a wider, deeper, reality where phenomena never encountered before present themselves to our conscious mind.

Wild Nature Quest is a powerful encounter that allows you experience, confront and transcend the limits that restrict your sense of who you think you really are. The shift in your perspectives will transform the relationships you form in all aspects of your life. The embodied change  will be assisted and co-created with the other participants in combination with the natural world.

What happens

Over the three days we will walk in silence, explore, create and work with story and group dialogue as participants gain insight into how individual and collective worldviews are formed and how assumptions, beliefs, and cultural influences determine ways of thinking. We will have the opportunity to:

  •  Explore and discover through story our own worldviews and understand how they determine the   relationships and actions we take. Worldview intelligent leaders hold the emotional intelligence to co create new understandings and creative innovative environments.
  •   Learn how to create your unique dialogue and connection with Nature that enables one to experience an interconnectedness which is the root of leading with wisdom and authenticity.
  •   Learn the art of hosting Council – a form of deep dialogue that transforms and reawakens relationships in families, organisations and communities.
  •   Learn the skills of deep awareness which awakens our senses to all around us in order to support your ability to intuit the needs of relationships around you helping you to act from the presence of what is wanting to emerge.
  •   Solo time to explore and deeply connect with the dramatic landscape on the Six Foot Track and the Cox’s  River

Six Foot Track – Cox’s River

The program is held within the magnificent wild granite country on the banks of the Cox’s River in the Blue Mountains. Our journey begins on foot as we depart Katoomba and walk in silence for half a day along the historic Six Foot Track before reaching our remote wilderness location – a remote Eco Lodge by the Cox’s River. Over the three day you experience the birdsongs echoing across the valley. Then watch the sun quietly slide behind the horizon at dusk next to a roaring fire. This is a totally immersive participatory journey where we meet our selves in relation to all this rich life that will help inform our place on earth.

The Return

You will experience what it means to lead with wisdom and authenticity, which begins with deep self-knowledge, laying the foundations for emotional intelligence and empathy.

Participant will return home with a renewed sense of themselves with new skills of “sensing” (feeling the future possibility) and “presence” (the state of being in the present moment), sensing and actualizing one’s highest future possibility—acting from the presence of what is wanting to emerge. You will have a deeper practice of the practical skills required to hold Dialogue and mindful encounters that facilitate clear thinking, responsible action, group coherence and collective commitment. Participants will leave feeling rejuvenated and inspired whilst recognizing that relationships are key to all effective group action.

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