The Blue Gum Traverse

To be nobody-but-yourself — in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else — means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight. EE Cummings”

In partnership with Blue Mountains Adventure Company  we are hosting a truly unique Leadership reboot day that captures the solitude and grandeur of the Grose Valley in the Blue Mountains. “Wild Minds” is a truly wild day of hiking, dialogue and reflection in the heart of the Blue Mountains National Park. With a small group of  like minded souls, we dialogue and reflect on the inner work of leadership, resiliency and how to value and make sense of your own unique story in life.

Out of the head and into the body

This full day trek is an adventure to reawaken and rekindle the connection to and trust in your true self. Wild Mind offers space, time and adventure in Wilderness for reflection, renewal and a revolution in your own thinking. The experience is one of a radical self-enquiry and retrieval of your own story. The human nervous system requires and is waiting for opportunities to connect with the patterns of nature in order to function optimally. We need nature, especially in our modern high-tech experience.

We all know how we could b­e or should be but most of us fail to even achieve a small percentage of our potential. We are constant pulled in so many directions with our media selling us utopian fantasies resulting in poor self-image, frustration, anxiety and depression. The results are a slow erosion of our self-confidence and connection to the true self to create what we want to create and who we want to be in the world – a slow acceptance of things as they are rather than as we might wish them to be. Wild Minds offers a chance to see beyond your own worldview and asks deep questions about our personal lifestyle, society and culture. By truly experiencing ourselves as part of Nature and not something separate we can discover our true place in the world connected to an ecological wisdom.

Perspective transformation and self-understanding can happen in an instant through deep observation and immersion in Wilderness. You just need remove yourself from the clutter and spend a period of mindful time in Nature. You don’t have to search for your own inspiration it’s all there in nature. We need to give ourselves space to observe what is going on around us and begin to imagine other ways of being.

Experience a new reality out in the magnificent Blue Gum Forest 

This unique and magnificent wilderness day that begins crossing open heath near Leura, then down through the deep forested gorge of the Grose Valley and Blue Gum forest to the renowned Perry’s Lookdown near Blackheath. Providing us with stunning views of the mountains that will simply take your breath away; the Grose Gorge opening up before us, with 300m high sandstone cliffs juxtaposed, Govett’s Leap to the South, Mt Banks, Mt Hay and Mt Wilson, with Sydney on the farthest horizon. This area provides us with a special and rare insight to the grandeur and enormity of this ancient range.

This trek of contrasts takes us through some of the most diverse terrain of the Blue Mountains. Breaking for lunch down by the Blue Gum Forest, as the billy quietly boils the tea, we Dialogue with the group on the banks of the Grose river and take time to absorb the grandeur and majesty of the cliffs towering above us, before the afternoon workout – a steep ascent up through lush deep forest. This crossing of the gorge is a quite unique and rare day walk that very few people experience – a deep wilderness immersion that will leave you feeling totally invigorated and refreshed.

Your host Philip Jackson has been facilitating Leaders in the wilderness for over 20 years and continues to be inspired by the transformation that emerges from such practices

For more information on our Wild Mind program please call Philip Jackson on
0416 023 867

Facilitators: Philip Jackson

Cost: Max 6 participants