Dialogue for expansive and creative thinking

The Art of Dialogue workshop is a participatory one day workshop that teaches practical communicational technologies to fully realise the potential we have as a group to be a resilient, creative organisation.

Over the course of the workshop groups are lead through our ‘seven stages’ of Deep Dialogue and critical thinking to awaken and expand perspectives. The workshop teaches organisations how to work between the fine balance between of the art and scientific when hosting deep Dialogue and critical thinking. We do this  by integrating the discipline of numerous ground rules finely balanced with the creativity of an artist.

The Art of Dialogue program is offered is offered in inspiring natural spaces, harnessing the rhythms of the natural world. Removing ourselves from the work environment encourages a creativity and openness to explore other ways of knowing and relating.

The principles that are taught support individuals and businesses to think creatively and critically, manage emotions, communicate effectively, and value multiple perspectives and worldview to create something new.

Workshop participants will leave the day with practical insights into the design and organization of mindful encounters with groups in any environment that facilitate clear thinking, wise action, group coherence and collective commitment. Participants will leave recognizing that relationships are key to all effective group action.

This workshop will be of practical value to any organisation looking to get the very best out of a group of people, make important decisions with wisdom and co-create new ways of seeing the world.

Cost- $1800 (up to teams of 12)

For further information please call Philip on 0416023867